Sunday, May 2, 2010


hii loves.. ok so for a while now i've been wanting to post my daily outfits.. just simple outfits for when im going to lunch, to the mall, to work, or when i have to do makeup client. now my style is nothing crazy.. i guess its kind of simple.. with a little bit of edge. im very short [and so is my boo] sooo usually im in flats.. although lately ive been wearing alot of wedges.. anywhoo maybe later on today or tomorrow i will be posting my first OOTD. also the days that i dont do tuts, but i do my makeup, i will also be posting pictures of my LOTD [look of the day] kk well im off to filmy keesh's request lol i also got a request by a subby asking for a purple smoky soo watch out for that one too :D biiieees

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