Sunday, May 2, 2010

Diet Pills!!

Heyy Loves! ok soo ive been getting asked alot of questions about the Diet Pills i showed in my Room Tour video.. They are called Figura Facil Sin Dieta [Easy Figure No Diet] they ARE from MX and are all organic.. no drugs, no chemicals. I took them for two months and saw results super fast! like the first two weeks!! My mom is currently the only person in my city selling them, idk if other city's in the STATES are selling them as well but if you would like to purchase them, they are $60.00 plus Shipping & Handling. Let me know k! i promise they are great!!

Here are a few things you should know... [this txt is copied and translated from a flyer i have]

100% natural, NO DIET supplements! Corrects constipation problems; the actions of the ingredients is to clean the digestive system and avoid the accumulation of sugars and fats that are ingested daily; decreases the concentration of cholesterol and triglycerides in the system. Because of its unique formula, and their constant consumption of 30 days, you will instantly see results.

Eat fruits and vegetables rich in potassium such as bananas, papayas, red tomatos, melons, etc. Drink at least 2 liters of water throughout the day, starting with half a litre of water in the morning, eat 3 meals a day for best results.

Mode of Intake:
Take a capsule every 24 hrs in the evening for 90 days. In people with low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)or low blood pressure only consume one capsule in the evening every third day.

Bottle contains 30 capsules.

-Frequently asked questions related to our food supplement reductive treatment.

-Why do I sometimes feel Numbness in the arms and legs?
When people do not consume foods (banana, red tomato, melon, Orange, papaya etc.) sufficient in potassium, these symptoms may occur.

-In how much time do you begin to see results?
The first thirty days, if you take them as recommended. Some see results as soon as the first two weeks of consuming.

-Does it cause sleep disorders?
The treatment has nothing to do with that. Surely you may feel weak and need a vitamin supplement. If problem continues, please consult a physician.

-Discomfort in the stomach [cramps]?
This can happen when you dont eat for a long period of time. Thats why it is convenient that you do not go more than 2 hours without eating and consume your three meals a day.

-When taking the capsule, it causes constipation.. what do you reccomend?
Take two capsules for two or three days maximum, and sufficient water.

-When you have diarrhea, what do you do?
Take only one capsule every third day and consume daily these foods: red tomato, melon, banana, papaya in pieces. Addition of water in sufficient quantities.

-If three months does not manage to get me to my desired weight, can you continue taking?, will anything happen?
Stop taking for one week and then again begin treatment, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING will happen, due to its special formula being 100% natural, it is suggested.

-Will consuming the pills reduce eating habits?
Some people will have a loss in appetite but it is very important to eat the three meals a day since the burning of fat is digestion.



  2. well I've been taking them for a week and i get hungry is that normal?..I also feel my stomach bigger why?

  3. My wife has been dying to lose weight since she gave birth to our first child. I'm already contented with the way she looks, but she's still wants to regain her figure, but not until we read about certain people who got sick from taking some diet pills. It threatened her, and promised me that she'll just exercise and eat healthy for her to lose weight.

  4. my aunt told me about ezfigure so i went ahead and ordered a bottle from her so far i have taken it for 6 days and havent seen no results she said she seen results in a week im 5-10 weight 260, i wear a size 26 and have been drinking 3 liters of water a day and eatin my three meals with lil snacks in between i know idont have to diet but would it be ok to excercise while im taking the pills and if so would it help me lose weight???

  5. I know 2 persons that took these and would get bad headaches when taking and even after stopped taking. Yes they did lose a lot of weight though.

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  7. Dam u sell them for 60 I bought the same bottle from a lady in CA for 25

    1. I live in Orlando, could you help me find them please? I will pay shipping... thx!

  8. My boobs are tender and my body is tender in many areas. My concerns is that right under my boobs, that area feels lumpy and tender. I cant find any info on side effects from taking Easy figure. The person that sold my the pills, said the tenderness is from the pills extracting fat from the body. Has anyone felt anything like that?

    1. Hi yes I have I just finish my 1st week and boobs feel tender at times and my arms feel like if they have ants I need to buy more of the fruits to eat I will call the company in Mx tomorrow to see what they tell me, I will keep u posted

  9. yes its normal to feel lumpys in your body what you need to do is drink enough water to extract all the fat also you going yo feel your body sore that is normal i took 2 treatments & i lost 15pds & 3sizes it help me a lot with out struggling to diet

    1. U lost 15 pnds in two months did u eat your regular food or ate a bit better ?? My neck and back are hurting and soar as well ,,, drinking a lot of organic green juices I try to eat but loss of apetite is happening

  10. I know its been a while since you have posted but are you or anyone on here selling them? Ive taken them 3 years ago and lost 30 lbs in 3 months. I lost contact of the lady who sells them and Ive been searching all over the internet trying to get a hold of these pills again.

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  12. I am interested!!! If I want to but several are there any discounts?? Like 4 or more? Please let me know. Thx