Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh Damn.. That's Sad. That's Good Though You Stopped Going. Me & My Family Pass Through That Border Whenever We Go To Mx. Lmbo.. We Made A Stop At A McDonalds Once In Laredo, & Seen A Prostitute Get Arrested When We Came Back. Funny!! Bahahaa..

hahaha! thats hilarious! but it sounds like sumthin that would happen here.. i guess im just used to Laredo lol but MX is a whole other story lol..

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Are You In Beauty School?

i attended back in 2007. i graduated a few years ago and now i am a Texas licensed cosmetologist :)

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Do They Have A Mac Store In Laredo, Tx?

we have a MAC counter at our Macy's.. but it sucks lol

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Do You Believe In Love.. And How Long Would You Wait Before Havin Relations?

of course i believe in love.. i have been in and out of love since i was 13 lol... but i think that as far as sex goes you should wait until YOU are comfortable & ready.. everyone is different and i think its best to not let anyone pressure you.. just follow your heart.. and USE PROTECTION! lol

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How Old Are You? B-Day?

i am 21... i turned 21 on february 4th

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Have You Ever Been To Houston?

YES! my moms cousin lives up there.. and my dad used to work close to Houston so i spent alot of my younger years in Htown :)

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I'm Following You On Here, BlogSpot & Twitter.. And I'm Also A Subbie On YouTube. Most Likely Gonna Enter Your Contest Soon! Isn't It Dangerous In Laredo?

oh wow!! YAY! thanks so much for the amazing support! :) i hope to see your entry! and laredo isnt that dangerous but right across the bridge in Nuevo Laredo MX is where all the bad shit is at. lol they be killing people left n right and nothing shows up on the paper.. i used to go often bcuz i have family but not anymore.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Arabic Makeup Inspired Contest!!!!!

Arabic Makeup Inspired look

I did this look as a folow up to my contest that i am having.. the first photo was my inspiration for the look i did.  more info on my contest in the next blog :)

Products Used: olay daily moisturizer, sephora face primer, small angled brush, coastal scents camoflauge concealer palette, urban decay primer potion, mac blackground paint pot, synthetic flat shader brush, coastal scents 88 palette, flat shader brush, mac 224, mac 217, mark fluffy brush, avon liquid liner, coastal scents highlight & contour palette, mac 189, duo lash glue, rhinestone wheel.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Black Smokey Eye

Holaaaaa loves! here is my version of the "smokey eye" super simple and pretty fast. only two shadows used! hope you guys like and thanks for stoppin by!!

olay daily moisturizer, sephora face primer, avon smooth minerals foundation, coastal scents highlight & contour palette, mac warm soul mineralized blush, anastasia brow pencil in brunette, urban decay primer potion, victorias secret silky eyeshadow quad [fierce & champage], urban decay eye kohl in zero, loreal voluminous mascara. mac 224, elf flat shader brush, mac 182, mac 168

te sabes alguna cumbia? si, si cual es? cantame un pedasito lol

"la cumbia sampuesana.." hahaha! sii me se varias pero horita no me acuerdo!

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how many time a day u sex ur man??? lol

baaahaha!! A DAY?? lmaooo! im not a sucia like you! i got shit to do mendiga! lmaoo

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

If you could instantly become fluent in another language, which language would you pick?

vietnamese.. so i can hear what the ladies that do my nails are sayin about me haha

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What website do you spend the most time on?

Youtube! duhh :)

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What video game have you played the most?

guitar hero & rock band! i love em

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Greens & Bluuues

hola loves! sooo a couple days ago i did this tutorial.. fairly simple just using bright colors which are perfect for summer :D i hope you guys like it. biies

avon smooth minerals foundation, coastal scents highlight & contour palette, avon smooth mineral blush in mauve, avon smooth minerals translucent glow, urban decay primer potion, mac juxt eyeshadow, mac deep truth eyeshadow, a xmas palette from MAC [the light green n bright blue shadows] avon blue liquid liner, urban decay eye kohl in zero, loreal voluminous mascara, mac snob lipstick, glam sparkles strawberry lip balm. :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pinks & Greys Eyeshadow Tutorial

Holaaa loves! today i used this quad from Estee Lauder that i think i got as a sample or something.. anyway. the only other color i used was MAC's Pink Venus. also.. i just started using Avons Smooth Minerals foundation and i must say.. i think i love it. lol i used no concealer or anything just the mineral foundation and thats it.. i was pretty pleased with the outcome. it tends to give you a shine on the T zone tho.. but i like that shimmer.. idk if i would recommend it to someone who has oily skin... anywhooo enough blabber.. hope you all liked it. biiie :D